Comic Fiesta 2010

It’s 4 days after Christmas, and 2 day before New year.
Yet, we like to share our experience on December 19, the Day 2 of Comic Fiesta, held at Berjaya Time Square Hotel Conference Halls(?).

if you do follow us at twitter, you will get the second day Comic Fiesta live event coverage from us. For those who don’t or didn’t know, I could say you didn’t miss too much of things though. Now, we aren’t spotted by any people, cause we ain’t cosplayer(for those who knows me well, you know it), we ain’t photographer(nope, the big scope just out of our lead), cause we just a humble Aniblogger.

Now back to the show. We seek through the first day report, it seem lot of people are complain about the hall, too tight too small. Yes, it does. Compare to last year at Sunway Pyramid, the hall are smaller, but then, there are still some good side of it.

The company booth(?) are selling even more goodies. I personally love the Neko Mimi(I mean the cat ears) Hat, glove & shoes. I would buy one, if my pride would allow it. No moe in real life, no moe even in yourself. Lot of rare item imported from japan, such as phone strap. I also want to buy it…… Only if my cellphone wasn’t iPhone. (no phone strap for iPhone? Suck!)

I saw a bushiroad logo somewhere, they sell action card, good to collect good to play, no good to your pocket money. And also some lovely anime character design cup & mug. Figure Mall exhibit & selling figure there. And lot of crazy OTK gather there for photographing, that is one place I should avoid, yet the crowd draw me in.

I can’t say too much about doujin booth, cause some are closed for day 2, some sold out at the time we visit. Final thought? They called it the Comic Fiesta, but over these four years(why 4 year? Cause we just knew the existence of Comic Fiesta like 4 years ago), we didn’t even get single comic from the event, sadly. But we enjoyed, & love the event all the time. Who care, after all, it ‘the Comic Fiesta’.

And if you like to know, I pay RM15 for the ticket, & RM5 for the car park. Still, I was broken.