Anime Festival Asia Malaysia(AFA MY) 2012, Day 2


If you wonder, what happen in day 1, sorry, cause I was OT at that moment.

Usually Anime Festival Asia held on Singapore, and since there will be a hell lot of trouble for me to go to Singapore AFA, I simply skip it. Although I would dream to be there! Now I got the chance! AFA in Malaysia!(By the way, there will be another in Indonesia too!) I never been to PWTC before(being a NEET), so it a whole lot of new experience for me.

I realize that, walking inside are difficult, cause cosplayer & photographer are everywhere! When they meet up, it’s recipe for traffic jam! Goods! Little AKIBA are here too! Trading card, poster, mug, and figure(talking about figure, No displaying for Figure Mall then?).

What surprise me is, is here?! They are licensed anime merchandise seller, which now find a distributor in local(or the local find them?). I do buy some, if you need to know, is a keychain of Oreno Imouto, also a trump card. & Do you realize that, item on sell are hit or on air anime broadcasting in Malaysia? Yes, but isn’t there any person who think “Kaichou Wa Meido-sama" is a hit anime too! What about 07-Ghost then?!

Anyway, do sell original DVD of Japan anime, but only provide chinese subtitle(it fit me well though). I don’t see them here, but, a distributor already open shop in Jalan Lancang, if you could see the picture from you will see there are no different then Anime-Tech. We’ll see.

If you think I’m gonna talking more about cosplayer or event you are worng! Because I’m tired! Let continue tomorrow…..