Anime Festival Asia Malaysia(AFA MY) 2012, Day 2


If you wonder, what happen in day 1, sorry, cause I was OT at that moment.

Usually Anime Festival Asia held on Singapore, and since there will be a hell lot of trouble for me to go to Singapore AFA, I simply skip it. Although I would dream to be there! Now I got the chance! AFA in Malaysia!(By the way, there will be another in Indonesia too!) I never been to PWTC before(being a NEET), so it a whole lot of new experience for me.

I realize that, walking inside are difficult, cause cosplayer & photographer are everywhere! When they meet up, it’s recipe for traffic jam! Goods! Little AKIBA are here too! Trading card, poster, mug, and figure(talking about figure, No displaying for Figure Mall then?).

What surprise me is, is here?! They are licensed anime merchandise seller, which now find a distributor in local(or the local find them?). I do buy some, if you need to know, is a keychain of Oreno Imouto, also a trump card. & Do you realize that, item on sell are hit or on air anime broadcasting in Malaysia? Yes, but isn’t there any person who think “Kaichou Wa Meido-sama" is a hit anime too! What about 07-Ghost then?!

Anyway, do sell original DVD of Japan anime, but only provide chinese subtitle(it fit me well though). I don’t see them here, but, a distributor already open shop in Jalan Lancang, if you could see the picture from you will see there are no different then Anime-Tech. We’ll see.

If you think I’m gonna talking more about cosplayer or event you are worng! Because I’m tired! Let continue tomorrow…..



“祭”@Comic Fiesta 2011


有跟蹤我們推特的朋友都知道,上個星期日我們去了KLCC之餘還揚言為大家報導現場狀況,參加了一年一度的Comic Fiesta。目前是全馬(可以這樣說嗎?)最大的動漫節,連傳統傳媒都不會錯過報道。於是我們一起來一窺Comic Fiesta的全貌吧!


Comic Fiesta 2010

It’s 4 days after Christmas, and 2 day before New year.
Yet, we like to share our experience on December 19, the Day 2 of Comic Fiesta, held at Berjaya Time Square Hotel Conference Halls(?).

if you do follow us at twitter, you will get the second day Comic Fiesta live event coverage from us. For those who don’t or didn’t know, I could say you didn’t miss too much of things though. Now, we aren’t spotted by any people, cause we ain’t cosplayer(for those who knows me well, you know it), we ain’t photographer(nope, the big scope just out of our lead), cause we just a humble Aniblogger.

Now back to the show. We seek through the first day report, it seem lot of people are complain about the hall, too tight too small. Yes, it does. Compare to last year at Sunway Pyramid, the hall are smaller, but then, there are still some good side of it.

The company booth(?) are selling even more goodies. I personally love the Neko Mimi(I mean the cat ears) Hat, glove & shoes. I would buy one, if my pride would allow it. No moe in real life, no moe even in yourself. Lot of rare item imported from japan, such as phone strap. I also want to buy it…… Only if my cellphone wasn’t iPhone. (no phone strap for iPhone? Suck!)

I saw a bushiroad logo somewhere, they sell action card, good to collect good to play, no good to your pocket money. And also some lovely anime character design cup & mug. Figure Mall exhibit & selling figure there. And lot of crazy OTK gather there for photographing, that is one place I should avoid, yet the crowd draw me in.

I can’t say too much about doujin booth, cause some are closed for day 2, some sold out at the time we visit. Final thought? They called it the Comic Fiesta, but over these four years(why 4 year? Cause we just knew the existence of Comic Fiesta like 4 years ago), we didn’t even get single comic from the event, sadly. But we enjoyed, & love the event all the time. Who care, after all, it ‘the Comic Fiesta’.

And if you like to know, I pay RM15 for the ticket, & RM5 for the car park. Still, I was broken.


春日醬: 春日醬!
春日醬:愉快的!、此方: 快樂的!


(神人同一時間出現了!就在這個時候腐泉一樹也同時出場,出現在錄音室內了。) 繼續閱讀

御姐萝莉宅宅电车男们注意了!Comic Fiesta就是今天早上了!

某位谜样的男子(莫非此人正是春日的幻想创作之物)正进入倒数状态中,为了2009年Comic Fiesta而准备中。此人背着黑色的背包,藏着不可告人的秘密。对!此人绑架了五件May’N的衬衫。